Rock n ROLL

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Its my way or the high way.


that little treasure box

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whats your treasure?

your treasure is where your heart is.


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They say everyone should have their heart broken at least once
And that is how you grow emotionally
Well I have been misused by many, many, many men
But nothing can compare to how you treated me.

At times it really felt as though the pain was here to stay
And though it’s many years I go I feel it to this day,
And now you wanna be my friend on Facebook
Are you fucking kidding me?

All the memories are flooding back to me now
All the ways you stole the light from my eyes
I travelled so far just to get away from you
‘Til this morning’s friend request surprise!

At times it really felt as though I’d never smile again
You narcissistic arsehole, oh you nasty nasty man
And now you wanna be my friend on Facebook
Are you fucking kidding…?

I don’t care what kind of cocktail you are,
Or which member of The Beatles or which 1950s movie star
I don’t give a toss if you’re a ninja or a pirate
I suspect you’d be a pirate, but I don’t wanna verify it
And I don’t give a shit what your stripper name is
Or if your kitty had a litter
Look — Just follow me on Twitter
I don’t care about your family tree
And I certainly don’t want you poking me…

And now you wanna be my friend on Facebook
Oh you fucking, fucking fuck…

life’s (is a) cycle

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What has been a rough year is coming to an end.

Looking after my niece has brought the family much joy despite the rough times we had gone through this year.

She has become a reminder of why the ones we lost this year have been so painful and hard to bear…

because we love them so dearly, and because they meant so much.

much needed grace was needed this year, and i’m glad as a family we found it through and in You.


Uncle Amos.

Close to home.

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I apologize for the hiatus. I started work and i have 2 rolls of film waiting to be processed and scanned…those 2 rolls are really diverse shots and i am hoping it will turn out special.

But meanwhile, dug up some photos from my Cambodia trip in May with some of my friends. It was a good trip! The trip was really impromptu and an eye opener. I mean, Cambodia is really close to Singapore, yet the standard of living and the poverty you see over there is nothing compared to what we have over here.

It won’t hurt to just complain a little less and appreciate a little more.

Curious explorer

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many ways to tell a story

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drawing lines to tell a story.

taken in cambodia.